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  • Why ALL former smokers should have this test (...if they're brave ...
    My GP insisted lung cancer deaths were rare in ex-smokers, but agreed to refer me . waiting on a life insurance policy to come through to process my mortgage.

  • Life Insurance FAQ: Ex-smoker Rates
    Life insurance information: I quit smoking 3 months ago, so why am I still rated as a smoker? (faq) The answer is that a lot of people...

  • Smokers Life Insurance | Life Insurance Rates for Smokers
    Smokers Life Insurance | Life Insurance Rates for Smokers Many smokers and former tobacco users will find when shopping for the best life insuran...

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  1. Smoking and Life Insurance - Term Life Insurance is Possibly your ...
    If you're a smoker, you already know how bad it is for you - so we're not going to discuss that again here. Instead we'll discuss some of the life insurance options .

  2. How to Save on Life Insurance - Affordable Term Life Insurance ...
    Many companies will offer a lower-tier rate to former tobacco users who have been tobacco-free for 12, 24 or 36 months. If you purchased life insurance while .

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Life Insurance Advisors Frequently Asked Questions
LifeInsuranceAdvisors.com life insurance questions provides information to your . If you are a former cigarette smoker, you should definitely shop around for a .

Can you hide smoking from life insurance companies? | Insure.com
Apr 2, 2010 . How much smoking does it take to be considered a "smoker," and what if you fudged your answer about smoking on your life insurance .

The Catch: The Mouths of Former Smokers | LifeHealthPro
Feb 8, 2012 . About 8% of the former smokers with teeth were in poor oral health. . Slideshow: 6 Famous Brands Started or Saved by Life Insurance · Glenn .

Smokers Get Bad Rates on Life Insurance | Suite101.com
Jan 5, 2012 . The transition from smoker to ex-smoker is not an easy one, but considering the benefits to health and finances, including life insurance, the .