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  • Sierra Health and Life Insurance Company, Inc.
    At Sierra Health and Life, we provide programs dedicated to promoting lifelong . If you are interested in learning more about managing your child's asthma, start .

  • Asthma and Children
    The majority of children with asthma have allergies. . However, the majority of these children do not go on to develop asthma later in life. . to be, and should not be used as, a substitute for medical treatment by a health care professional.

  • Affordable Life Insurance For Asthma Sufferers | Insurance.com
    Mar 7, 2007 . The main concern of insurance companies is that half of all asthma deaths occur . it is still possible for asthma sufferers to find affordable life insurance. . Coverage for Adults and Children - Only $1* Each; No Medical Exam.

Life Insurance life insurance for children with asthma Types

  1. Baker InstItute PolIcy rePort
    of children's health insurance is $15572 for each male and . of life for insured and uninsured children. A . percentage of children hospitalized for asthma in the .

  2. Factors That May Affect Your Life Insurance Cost - Asthma And ...
    This breathing disorder could seriously risk your life insurance costs. Although both children and adults suffer from asthma it is more difficult to treat seniors as .

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Diagnosing asthma in young children.
Young children who receive an incorrect diagnosis of asthma are at an increased risk of receiving unnecessary medications and may be denied life insurance, .

Asthma | Child Trends Databank
Figure 1: Percentage of Children Reported to Have Asthma, by Gender, 2010 . the first year of life,6 use of acetaminophen,7 being overweight,8 exposure to . asthma (13 versus eight and six percent for children with private insurance or no .

CDC - Asthma - Public Health Professionals
Jul 8, 2011 . Multimedia Asthma Messages . overall quality of life and productivity in children with asthma. . American's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) .

What is Asthma for Kids? Symptoms/ Treatments for Children
Children with asthma. What is it, and what . Term Life Insurance · Whole Life Insurance . Asthma can be frightening for a child and their parents. It is the most .