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  1. New parents' top 10 money mistakes - MSN Money
    Buying life insurance for baby. If an insurer tries to peddle you life insurance for your kid, walk away. "You buy life insurance on someone only if their death .

  2. Do Newborn Babies Need Life Insurance? - Where to get rates and ...
    Answering the question, Do Newborn Babies Need Life Insurance? Term Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance?

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Learn about life insurance options for families: term versus whole life insurance, mortage life insurance, and disability. And how much do you need?

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Feb 8, 2012 . Having a child can create all kinds of financial questions or concerns. Alison Gilman Aquino joins FOX6 WakeUp to discuss Life Insurance of .

Life Insurance for Babies - Getting the Best Coverage
Review the different reasons you may want to consider purchasing life insurance for your baby. Explore the various life insurance options available in your area.