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  • Can you buy life insurance on anyone
    Answer: Improve. Not anyone. You have to prove insurable interest on that person and they have to sign that it is alright for you to own life insurance on them .

  • Can you buy life insurance for anyone?
    Find out the answer to your question: Can you buy life insurance for anyone?

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  1. Can someone take out a life insurance policy on you without you ...
    Apr 9, 2009 . Does a life insurance company legally have to tell someone if a policy has been taken out on them In other words could your husband take out .

  2. Can I take out a Life Insurance Policy on anyone I choose ...
    Taking out life insurance for a loved one is allowed and is called insurable interest. It is of course not allowed to insure complete strangers due to fraudulant .

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Life insurance is not just something only the extremely wealthy buy. It is a useful product for anyone who wants to leave something behind for loved ones when .

Understanding Life Insurance
In some cases, you might want to buy a life insurance policy on someone else and name yourself as the beneficiary. For instance, if you are divorced and .

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Apply For and Buy Life Insurance Online with No Medical Exam - Up To $250000 in . As a single or married parent, you know as well as anyone that, in life, .

Why Can't I Take Out a Life Insurance Policy on Anyone I Choose?
To take out a life insurance policy on someone, you must have what is known as an “insurable interest” in that person. This is in order to prevent life insurance .