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  1. Term Life Insurance, DUI's and Alcohol - Things You Need to Know:
    All you need to know about alcohol and life insurance; how to deal with DUI's; what is considered acceptable and what is considered abuse to insurance .

  2. Your life insurer is counting your drinks - MSN Money
    How much drinking is too much when it comes to buying life insurance? Heavy alcohol use impacts your life expectancy, so insurers want to know distinguish .

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Life Insurance and Alcohol Use | Advantage One Insurance
Alcohol Use or history of alcohol treatment effects your life insurance rates, but by how much? Commonly asked questions regarding life insurance and alcohol .

Alcohol Usage Life Insurance : Rates : Quotes
A history of excessive alcohol use or alcohol treatment will likely impact how much you pay a life insurance policy. If you have had a previous alcohol problem, .

Term Life Insurance Medical Exam
Do not drink any alcohol products for 72 hours prior to your term life insurance medical exam. Alcohol is processed by the liver and can cause liver enzymes to .

Alcohol and Life Insurance: How Drinking Affects Term Life ...
Drinking alcohol can significantly affect term life insurance rates. If you drink alcohol, you may be paying more for term life insurance--but how much more?